Friday, September 6, 2013

Necklaces make the world go round.

When I was away at Bible school (2010) my sister started some really cool crafting here back at home. We are all always impressed with my sister as she is definitely the creative one of the two of us. Last Christmas she made homemade lotion and coasters just for me! She has the funnest, most creative brain and I have always envied that about her. As of late (especially this Summer) I have worn my beautiful flower necklace she made me while gone. I always always get attention with this necklace on. People always want to know, "What is that?" or "Where did you get that?" -- and my favorite, "Oooh, that is beautiful! Where did you buy it?". 

Cue my answer here: "It wasn't bought :) -- my sister made it!" and what a proud sister I am when I get to finally answer. 
I decided on this Friday to share with you pictures of it, since it's a favorite among all my girlfriends. I can't tell ya where it's bought, only who ya can buy it from! 

 HERE is where you can find her older post about the headbands & necklaces she makes. 

Of all the necklaces I have ever bought -- this one is by far my favorite. Necklaces just seem to make the world go round. Happy weekend!

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