Thursday, September 26, 2013

It was then that I realized..

I know of a man who is brave, strong and courageous. Has fought in wars and seen many horrific things serving in the military. He's not from these states but even being a native of the islands has adapted to this part of the hemisphere being that he has lived here since he was 18. 

He has 5 children and loves them each equally and unconditionally. He's been married for an upcoming 30 years. He loves blues, jazz, r&b and mostly soul music. He has an art for cooking and given the proper amount of time, can make anything you want him to if it involves wood. He has a laugh that makes you want to giggle hours after hearing it and has the most calming voice for when you feel your fears can never be wiped away. He has a passion for people, all people and knows no prejudice even though, because of the color of his skin, others can be accused of casting bigotry his way. 

I know of a man who never initially looks at the bad in people, always the good first. Who encourages and uplifts those that he loves. He is a lover of the Lord, his wife, his children, his family, his country. I know of a man who can make anyone laugh because every situation is spoken with playful tones and lighthearted conversation. I know this man because he is my father, and today it was then that I realized he is quite shy and reserved. He's observant and careful. 

And sometimes, those quiet moments sneak up on me and I'm thankful to have been called someone who is like her father

I love you, daddy.