Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And some things remind you of 8th grade projects..

Hey hey! Happy Wednesday.

So -- not to make Texas sound redneck (even though that's what most people think) we have this online sale site for my little ol' town. It's a Facebook page that you can be invited to and once you're in, you're IN. Meaning those posts and sales show up on your newsfeed. Normally I don't buy anything and don't care too much for other peoples transactions, but a picture caught my eye.

Let me rewind all the way back to the 8th grade where I somehow landed in the GT program (I won't say what that stands for, proud or not proud, if you don't know then I ain't sayin, ha!) and one of our projects was about family heritage. We did poster boards and gave speeches. Little did my little school know, I had a HUGE obsession with miniatures. And no, before you let your mind wander, I did not have them all over my room.. I just always got so happy when I saw a miniature of pretty much ANYTHING!

Long story short, instead of doing a 3-fold poster board of my family tree -- I did a miniature of my grandma's old house. It was the coolest thing I ever did as an 8th grader. My dad helped me put wood on the sides and we shopped and shopped until we found all of the furniture for the inside; some stuff homemade and other stuff bought. My parents still have it in their garage. I found it a few Summers ago and was washed over with memories of spending time with them building and adding to it.

Today, I found a picture of a miniature wood house. And sometimes there are just things that remind you of 8th grade projects. 

Hopefully whoever's little house this is doesn't mind me blogging it :)

Happy "huuuump dayyy"!!

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