Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday's Terribly Happy #2

Meet Hannah. 

& tell me she wasn't the most darling little Goldilocks-girl 
you've ever laid your eyes on! 

I met Hannah in 2009 at church camp in Oklahoma. She may say she came to me for lots of things back then but let me make a statement that has absolutely nothing to do with bias. Hannah is one of those people you're lucky in life to find. She's energetic and ambitious and possibly one of the purest hearts that I've ever had the privilege of meeting. I'm so incredibly thankful to have gotten the opportunity to be a counselor 4 years ago; one of the reasons being Hannah. 

Here are Hannah's 10:
(I can't help but add she also named her email "Happy Happy Happy") -- she's such a doll!

1. A perfect cup of coffee
2. Long car rides with just myself & Jesus
3. Being so busy having a good time with friends that you put all your anxieties out of your head.
4. Discovering a new city
5. Being stilled by music
6. Experiencing a good moment like you see in the movies.
7. Capturing the perfect moments of your life through a lens.
8. Having someone smile and sincerely mean "thank you"
9. Ranting to someone who you know will not judge you
10. Babies. Babies always make me happy.

Thank you, Hannah girl, for being my Terribly Happy #2 -- even though you won't know it til you see it! It has been a joy watching you grow and I'm so excited for your Senior year! Also, thank you for being my One Tree Hill lovin', camera-obsessed, coffee addicted, tranquility seeking, competitive-smart-ambitious, joyful, God-lovin' friend. You're absolutely one of a kind. 


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