Monday, April 29, 2013

The Monday Must

Hello all!

So sorry for the sporadic blogging. I'm trying to give ya the goods as well as make sure my life stays in order. We are crazy busy right now and I cannot wait to get back to you all :)

My triplet friends had their 21st this weekend and it was super fun.
Last night was the last of the weekend celebration and I realized a few things while planning on attending their dinner party at a restaurant.

Now, this restaurant wasn't lavish and it wasn't a cocktail attire party - but it got me to thinking. If I were attending a cocktail party, what would be my necessity?

a little black dress.

You can never go wrong with a simple cut, black dress. You can dress it up or dress it down, depending on the occassion. See Lauren Conrad's "Style" book on one little black dress, five ways.

Also, visit Etsy HERE if you like the ones above. Etsy has great dresses, but my bet is you can find some equally good ones at Anthropologie or Forever21!

Hope you can find that one little black dress to hang in your closet. It's always fun to shop and find the perfect one.

Have the GREATEST day!

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