Monday, April 8, 2013

Tool Time.


I've been working a little in my backyard and I noticed I was a few tools short day before yesterday. So, here are 5 things I believe every good gardener should have on hand.
1.  Good gloves
2. Water pail 

3. Easy labels

4. Wheelbarrow
5. Apron 

This apron can be found RIGHT HERE on Etsy!
Here's why:
1. Good gloves means you are protecting your hands! A little dirt never hurt. True - but you also want to protect your skin from drying out. Gloves protects your nails and skin. You can buy them practically anywhere and they are very inexpensive.
2. Water pails are so great around my house. I have potted plants, hanging plants and even a few around my fence. By using a water pail, you are not only conserving water, but you are also making more trips to refill the pail - and we all know much moving around keeps us healthy! So, why not take the few extra steps?
3. I threw labels in here because sometimes I can't remember which of my plants need more sun or more watering than others. This is extremely helpful for those of you who are growing your veggies and herbs. It's a fun reminder and keeps things organized.
4. Wheelbarrows really help when you are hauling things from across your yard. If you have a big yard like mine, it's hard to keep walking back and forth for things you really need while you're on your knees digging in the dirt. It's a good way to carry tools and soil. It saves you from making unneccessary trips back to your shed.
5. An apron not only keeps your clothes from being ruined, it's handy - kind of like the wheelbarrow. When you need that little garden tool to help you pull up more dirt, you can just reach to your apron and you're not have to go dig it out of your shed! Much like the carpenter carries a tool belt, gardeners need a gardening belt. It's convenient and just looks fun.
You've got your gardening gear! Now head out this gorgeous Spring and do some gardening!
Til next time, friends!

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  1. Im excited for spring! :) great post. Always good advise. (i think i spelt that wrong) lol!