Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th happy.

Crazy hair from a little busy body

Mae gave us a run for our money yesterday! She has been such a busy body, growing and getting funnier. I was so happy we had a little lunch with my daddy, sister & her fiance and their two little ones. Trey and I woke up super early Friday morning to finish preparing all of the food. Wow! We had a good little spread going. I was so excited we put another big meal on successfully for my family. 

Baking mixed berry pies. One of my favorite things to bake in the Summer
because of the yummy fresh fruit! 
I used to think I didn't understand the fuss about fireworks. They kind of always scared me. But snapping pictures of them was the most fun. I love how they sparkle and shine. It definitely was another highlight of the night! After dinner with friends, we drove about 10 miles out to our lake where they put on the shows. So much fun!
I'm really sorry to report the pictures I took of Trey didn't come out that well :( 
hopefully by next year I can work my camera in the dark a little better! sorry, love. 

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend. Ours was quiet and fun; I couldn't have been happier about how smoothly it went. Here is a video of the fireworks finale out at our lake. I apologize about the music in advance. The boys who were shuttling people from parking down to the lake had a radio in their little carts playing very loud rap music and I happen to catch "Fancy" while I was videoing the finale. It was kind of funny. You know by how country our little lake is, you don't hear that very often. But here it is:

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