Sunday, June 8, 2014

Worker bee busy.

 We've been so busy! Like, Lyric busy. 
That's pretty busy. 
 Telling stories, per usual. 
 Isn't he a handsome little thing? 
 Went to our buddies police academy grad. 
 The three. 
Good necklaces go a long way.
Thanks, Old Navy!
I fell for this ring. 
2 am shenanigans. 
You know me & old buildings. 
We've had a long time love.
Not only did this young fella spell my name wrong (happens every time) but 
he also called it out like I was in trouble.. as he did everyone else. 
Quite possibly the best tea ever.
Sometimes coming home is so sweet.
Or it could've just been the view. 

We had one busy last few weeks, y'all. I wouldn't trade them for the world, though. I've been out of town (coincidentally the Houston area) for the last three weekends in a row. So while we almost opted to stay gone until this Sunday.. we decided we were a little worn out. I could travel all year long but making three trips to the same area. I'm not sure I could really call that traveling. Nonetheless, the trips were well worth it and we were privileged to see some amazing people along the way. Miss you, friends. Until next time!

I hope everyone is having a sweet Sunday. I'm sitting here drinking coffee and watching it sprinkle rain while the sun attempts to peek through to me. Backyard is looking green and the puppies are snoozin away. Thank you Lord for the rain! We so needed it. 

And I'm off! 

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