Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sometimes, I blog novels.

Guess finals week got to him because we stopped for a 10 minute massage. 

Can I start by saying sometimes I get carried away and tend to blog novels? Sorry.. sort of. It's just been an incredibly wonderful, emotional time for me. We've reached milestones, people! And while I'm so happy that I have graduation pictures to share (still on my memory card), I thought I would share the stuff on my iPhone. You know.. the sentimental stuff that I just needed to be taking pictures of. 
 Before Trey and I were in the puppy love stage, I was his cheerleader. No, literally. Like one day after Summer cheer camp ended our captain was like, "Okay, we need to pick football players to give goody bags to and decorate lockers every week" and before I could stop myself my mouth was like, "NOBODY GETS TREY, HE'S MINE".. Embarrassing, I know. But.. I'm thankful for my big mouth today :)

Anyway, last week while sick at home.. I decided to finally get my ducks in a row and finish his graduation party slideshow with the pictures his mom gave me. In one of the albums were all of these decorations I used to make him in high school. His mom kept them. Cute and slightly embarrassing. But moreso cute. 
Here's the new pizza place on Baker St. 
We ate this for lunch yesterday.. Then went to the gym last night. And yeah I did maybe complain a little. Guess I shouldn't have had pizza for lunch. But.. it was good! ;)

Had these three pretties in my home this weekend for graduation. So happy to see you, Davis girls. 

So.. not lots of photos taken with my iPhone.. but that was my week, weekend and Monday. 
Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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