Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nostalgia comes knockin.

Yesterday I was thinking.. I've posted a LOT of older pictures. My last several posts have been ollllld pictures. I apologize. I have been so nostalgic lately while I prepare for Trey's graduation party. I'm coming up with old pictures -- filtering through boxes of them and random people's facebook pages (sorry guys!). Along the way I've found some seriously old ones of me and the sweet people in my life. I miss you, Davis family! All my love to you -- if you're reading this. You're in my every day thoughts and I can't wait to see the 3 of you again.

This particular day I spent at the Davis clan's grandma's house. We ate burgers (I'm sure) and let Courtney take our pictures. If you knew teenage Courtney.. you know she was notorious for stealing/snapping candid pictures of people. In fact, she's responsible for almost all of my old pictures. Thanks, Court! How would I ever be able to reminisce on days such as today?

Ps: this was the year I was exceptionally obsessed with vests over all of my tops. Real cute, I know.

Happy Wednesday, all! :)

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