Sunday, March 2, 2014

My! People come and go so quickly here!

"I don't know about you -- but she was feelin 22!!!" 

Wow. What a whirlwind of events that have taken place! I have so many events that my sweet little Nikon has captured that have yet to make it onto my computer.. that is until tonight. No editing, though. I just couldn't wait to share this particular day with you all. My friend Lydia came down last weekend for her Golden Birthday. I'm not sure if I'm just always out of the loop or just maybe out of it on this particular subject. Your Golden Birthday is turning the age of your birth date. So since mine is the 19th, my GB was 2009 when I turned 19. Lydia turned 22 this year, making hers last Saturday, the 22nd. Fun, fun! We had dinner at mine and Trey's favorite place to eat down town (a place of which my brother-in-law and Lydia have never been & one of the fancier places Brownwood has to offer) and had a grand ole time! 

 There is a tiny commissary inside the restaurant part of The Turtle that kind of makes my heart skip.

 I was told I could take a picture of "just Trey's" dinner since Frankie had the exact same dinner.
Gee, I wonder who could've given those instructions?
 Lydia's yummy dinner. I may or may not have eaten her last two bites.
 Molly Jane's dinner. Mine somehow never made it anywhere near this blog. 
 I "needed" to get these pictures for my "blog" aka my Nikon did the distracting while
the three stooges were inside decorating the house (but doesn't she look stunning?)
 Those balloons may look pretty but they were a nightmare to hang...
... as you can see by the disgruntled look on Trey's face ;)
 Jane's Pinterest ideas in their finest hour. 
 The cake -- oh! the cake!
 Apparently Frankie's confetti wine bottle was malfunctioning. 
 Or maybe it was simply the operator. 
 Never too old for silly string. 

Grateful for our friendship, LNM. You are one incredible human being and I am honored to be your friend.
Happiest golden, sweet girl! 22 on 22 -- HOORAY! 

ps: sorry for not breaking up the pictures into two blogs. 

pss: the title is a Wizard of Oz reference (because I rarely get to see my dear friend) in case you were racking your brain

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