Sunday, February 9, 2014

A little food and a little bit of husband :: two of my favorite things.

Well well well.. hello you beautiful person reading this. There might not be a lot of you out there who keep up with this blog of mine -- but I do know a few of you personally and I'm thankful for the readership. On our way to church this morning I was thinking how it's been so long since I've blogged. I really do hate that since typically writing is my escape. I love my life but is there ever a moment that you've realized after telling a girl friend or boy friend, "I feel so much better after saying that out loud"? That's me. After I blog. 

Since the only really good conversation I can manage to keep is either about Trey or food, I'll just go ahead and mention him and food in this post. Ha! 

A few weeks ago my dad helped Trey and I make chicken stir fry and let me tell you. Wow! It was so amazing. We failed pretty miserably the last time we attempted stir fry. Chicken was tons easier for some reason but the last stir fry.. I don't really know what happened. It took us forever and there was a bunch of smoke in our small kitchen and there was lots of frustration and disappointed looks bouncing from me and Trey. It was terrible. Though the food didn't actually taste terrible, it was just sad! I can never really enjoy my meal when I know it wasn't fun to cook. So this time, superman himself came to help us (aka he did most of the work) and boy, it was awesome!

The spaghetti (which I've basically learned to master.. since I'm a chef and all) was pretty darn good. Trey's mom used to put black olives and pepperonis in hers when they were younger // my family usually just does meat and mushrooms with some onions in ours -- the trick in not having your usual ingredients (in my opinion) is to adopt someone else's recipe. And that's exactly what I did. I didn't have any mushrooms so I subbed them for pepperonis. Not the usual but it was still yummy. 

Last but not least -- here is my husband. He graduates in May this year and we are thrilled. It's been such a long time coming. I remember when I was crying because he was starting his senior year. I mean it has really been a long time coming. Now this last semester of his undergrad career is almost over. Where does the time go? Honestly. But here he is. 

 Our favorite. He looks good in maroon, against maroon -- all of the above. 
 Him: "I look disgusted" -- Me: "You look gorgeous".
 You just have to know.. this is totally Trey. 
Out of everything I took, this was the one he liked. Of course we would be out in nature, also very Trey. 

These aren't Trey's senior pictures, but it was the first day where the weather was beautiful. Since getting my camera in NOVEMBER.. I haven't been able to take any natural light pictures. I was really bummed by that. I was glad mother nature cut me a break and gave me a weekend full of 70s. Thank you for keeping up this long. 


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