Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The hero & the hospital bed.

I know what you might be thinking -- "Why would she ever get so personal as to put her father in her blog while he's in the hospital?" Well the truth of it is, this was my week up until tonight. I know, most people would argue and say.. blogs aren't supposed to be this real and honest. We aren't supposed to put things that are sad. Well, I might be the first to break the news to you -- if you can't write some things that break your heart.. then maybe you aren't really writing. 

I also hope you don't think you'll ever have to read anything sad on my blog. That's not it either. I hope when you come to my blog.. you leave with a little pep in your step or maybe a smile that you thought you lost somewhere along the line of your day. But today, my aim is to just be real and tell you that my dad was in this hospital and for once, I'll admit, it was scary. Not a whole lot is scary to me. I think it was more of not the not knowing. The not understanding. Those things scare me.

He was home the day after this picture. When I got to see him in his own home, in that familiar rocking chair, my heart skipped a million beats. I felt much happier than the last 3 days living with an uncertainty of why he was even in there in the first place. 

My real life hero.. in a hospital bed. I never thought I'd have to see it. But there he was.. with an oxygen mask and tubes in his nose. My heart sank every time I walked into that room and saw him in that bed. We have these notions in our heads that our parents are invincible.. I kind of still have that in my head.. even seeing him in that bed. But for the first time ever.. there was a helplessness that I saw from my very own superman. I was devastated. I had to really rely on God this week when we reached unknown territory about my dad's condition. I had to trust Him and be still.. because He's always God no matter what the situation. 

I never thought I'd be so thankful for anything. 
So maybe this blog post was a little too personal. Maybe it wasn't. I guess that depends on you. 
Or maybe I'm just here to vent because it was hard seeing my dad in a hospital bed. Yeah, maybe. 
Whoever you are.. thank you for not judging me as I show you what I've seen this week. In one picture. In one post. In one night. So, the hero isn't in the hospital bed anymore. And I'm happy. 

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