Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday's Terribly Happy #3

Hello September. I've missed you quite terribly.
In honor of September and giving Labor Day weekend the respect that it's due, I decided to start the month by writing to you all this Tuesday -- which coincidentally is my newest blog consistency. 10 things that make you terribly happy.. these posts just make me incredibly happy as I am learning extra sweet things about the people who have come into my life.

The 3rd Terribly Happy person is my favorite Angelie Lara.

I didn't have a picture of Angelie when she was a little tike but I am proud to say this was not long after I had dubbed
her a life-long friend -- just several months after I had first met her, instantly wanting to be her friend.
Here are Angelie's 10:

1) feeling God's presence
2) God's patience.
3) having my niece sing children's bible songs with me. My heart crumbles whenever I see her. #tearupeverytime
4) my family. There's no words to describe them. #itrulylovethemwithallmyheart
5) my friends are my family. Brings me such joy to have people like that in my life.
6) spending time with my brothers. I love that we get each other...to silly jokes to when we're hurting. My mother. My perfect mother. Oh I never get tired of spending time with that woman:) I'am utterly grateful that God gave me her as a mother. #thankful
7) getting a work out outdoors. Sounds ridiculous but I'm still at awe in God's glory. I see it everywhere. Mountian Biking, cycling, running, kayaking, hiking, etc
people getting stronger in their faith. Watching people have a passion for lord like no other. I love how God works in people's lives. #andstillworking
9) accomplishing goals. Educational to weight loss. Doesn't matter how small or big the goal is. I'm happy. I completed it.
10) cooking for others.

Let me start by saying I couldn't have been happier to see Angelie use hashtags in her 10 -- because if you don't have me on Twitter or Facebook -- I'm a hashtaggin' fool! :)

To be totally honest, I was afraid I wouldn't have the right words to describe Angelie. I sincerely don't think I'll do her justice. She's one of those people you always want on your side and know even in their old age will still remember you. Angelie inspires me. Daily. She has a heart for people and seriously is a woman after God's own heart. Aside from being a lover of Christ, she is such a health nut. I love that about her. She's always on a work out adventure: biking, hiking and all sorts of other things I may be too nervous/scared to try in this lifetime. I love how fearless she is. She's an encourager, believer, optimist, comedian, worshiper and a joy. She will also one day make the world's greatest mama and I couldn't be more proud to be called her friend.

I am so proud of you Angelie. Thank you for being exactly who you're called to be.
Love <3

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