Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The weekend and the "Pink Stuff".

Hello, friends! This weekend was very eventful and I was well prepared to show you all of the pictures, places and people I encountered over those two short days.

 This is my co-workers house (we were garage selling)
& this sign happily caught my attention.
Only in Texas will you find a bull in
someone's backyard :)

My husband is such a hard worker.
He always picks up odd end jobs on the
weekends just because he's a busy-body.

Saturdays are for eating veggies from yours (& the wardens)
garden -- okay maybe that's everyday

Saturday late night muffins & coffee
-- that's the best stuff to talk over

Meet Cornelius.
Greeter at Victory Life & my favorite person
to have a conversation with.

Starting the "Pink Stuff" 
^^ visit this^^

Thanks Jane for taking this shot for me :)

A 2 hour wait in the fridge can seem like a
lifetime when all you wanna do is try your own dessert
I put the remaining "pink stuff" in mason jars
and just set them in my freezer
-- cute little treat

^^ the finished product^^

I sincerely hope you had a fun and blessed weekend! I'm thankful for the people in my life and most of all my husband for being the sweetheart that he is -- aka letting me buy those pans that I desperately needed to make this treat for everyone. I love you, honey.



  1. looks very good! :) Good job!

    1. Thanks! I liked it a whole lot. I'll have to make some for you, Wes and Eli :)