Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday's Are For Doing Happy Things.

I am convinced Sunday's are the most joyful days of the week.
I was pretty sure I'd spend my day cleaning and working in my back yard.. According to my pictures - it would seem as if I only did one of those things. Oops ;)

I'm not quite sure what it was, but I had the sudden urge to buy all of these trees and take them home. :\ I've got to stop going to Home Depot!

Momma helped me pick the most beautiful flowers
 and even a Grapefruit mint plant to make tea! Mmm!

Momma is so cute on her new iPhone (probably texting daddy)
The homemade yellow birthday cake I made (even though it was no one in particular's birthday) - equipped with homemade chocolate icing. The cake was fun.. still trying to decide on that funky tasting frosting :|
Only one slice for the girl who had to try her own cake at 1:03 this morning :O
Hope your Sunday was as joyful as mine :)

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