Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post Anniversary Glow

It has been two years and one week today since Trey and I got married. Even though my anniversary is long over, I still feel happy that last Tuseday at this time, I was feeling super giddy. I was almost off of work and home to put my favorite dress on (per my husband) and get all dolled up (per my husband) for our "special"  night out - all of which was a complete surprise to me. :)

These gorgeous flowers were pre-delivered and waiting for me at our table. Love picked them out himself.
This crab soup was to die for - it was so hard to not savor every bite.
^ Trey's dinner --- my dinner ^
The oh-so yummy dessert. It's a happy day when you get gelato :)

We were so blessed on our anniversary. Two years seems like no time at all, but we're thankful for the two years and many more to come!

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