Monday, June 27, 2016

Stories & a wedding.

Molly and Frankie finally got married. Y'all they got engaged 47 years ago and finally tied the knot. It was such a long process that I had to make myself be patient for but really I just wanted to hurry up and just make them say 'I do'. 

I'm trying to do the photos that I actually remembered to take in sequence of how they happened but I'm actually afraid that the only pre-wedding picture I took was of the awful shellac that happened on my fingernails. I actually wanted to have them re-done before the wedding but talked myself out of it because, yeah, $45

I wish I were a more prepared person. I'm just not. However, I am working on that (2016 goals..) That being said, I got my nails done on the way to the wedding two days before and the spray tan that night we arrived in town. Geez, when I type it, it does sound ridiculously unprepared. I have never had a spray tan before and I was a little leery about that but guys.. it's not so bad. Other than the smell you have to endure for the next 24 hours - it just isn't that bad. 
Etsy shirts that Molly had made for bridesmaids.
Molly must have wanted this room where we got ceremony-ready rearranged four separate times. It was the cutest room. Everything she had set up around the space where our dresses were hanging made me wish I would've brought my big girl camera to just document it all. When I don't have that thing in hand, I am just not conscious enough with my iPhone to have it out and snapping photos. Oh, well. What I got will just have to do!
Frankie's cake topper, ha!
Obviously not the most flattering picture of me - but it's the only one with both of my parents. They're so beautiful I just love them so much. (Also, please note my platform-style shoes - gold was SO hard to find for me)

Side story about my shoes: aside from being literally 90% off at Kohl's (wowza, right?!) they were super comfortable and definitely a pair of shoes I plan on putting with jeans. I rolled my ankle that morning setting up the patio for the wedding dance area and I was trying my best to put on a major brave face and not hobble everywhere. These shoes were a lifesaver. I was so happy that I bought them. 
Molly insisted we take a picture of our shoes. 
She actually had some super cute blue suede ones from Sole Society but these were her 'run out' shoes. 
Trey's aunt took this photo and it's about the only one I have with his family.

The wedding was beautiful and busy and made me cry at least three times. I'm so happy for Frankie & Molly as this has been the longest time coming, ever! 

Congrats, again! 

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