Saturday, April 30, 2016

15 til midnight kind of post.

Hello all,

I'm typing as quietly as I can while I listen to Alba push her metal bowl around the kitchen, the dryer (loudly) drying our towels and Trey next to me on the bed asleep - mildly snoring. Not even 30 minutes ago I was sitting on our little red love seat, snuggled next to him while we watched a 90's man movie that I'm too afraid to tell you the title of in fear that I'll be judged for not having watched it yet.. Alright, it's "Gone in Sixty Seconds" and I'm just as ashamed as you are. 

I'm mentally going over my day and thankful again and again for it, though it was simple and a little painful.

I worked this morning (the one Saturday a month we have to work) and had lunch with Trey and another trooper, having gone into hour #2 with a killer headache. I came home to a house that I swore all week long I would clean and no it never got cleaned, not one single night of the week. I had lunch, drove home where I laid on the couch and tried to sleep away that savage of a headache. I must've slept four solid hours before Trey came home from work and did his best to comfort me. I really wanted to cry. This headache had completely taken over my body today and I was so frustrated that it stole my Saturday. 

Trey could see that I was pretty worn and took me to a simple dinner, just us two. We walked around for a few minutes afterward, stopped by a homemade ice-cream place and then drove around and window shopped for houses to buy. Being Trey, our last stop was getting my car washed before I leave tomorrow to see my parents and my niece and nephew. If you should know anything about Trey, it's that he loves our vehicles to be clean. 

Once home, we cleaned and listened to music and it was one of the best evenings I've had in awhile. I miss him so very much when he's away. Our schedules are rarely the same and it's a treat when he's home and on days where we can enjoy the evenings together.

I seldom write posts where I give a detailed play-by-play (I love saying that because it reminds me of 13 Going on 30) of my day, but I felt today was special. The only radical event that happened was that Alba chewed her own favorite toy and then realized that might have actually been a bad idea when she didn't get to take it to sleep with her. Sigh. I guess I will have to buy her another tomorrow. 

I'm thankful my family is happy and healthy and that I got another day with them. I am truly a lucky woman.

Happy weekend, my friends! 

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