Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The sick & the restless.

Funny title even though I'm not really laughing. I've had the weirdest combination of sick symptoms. It all started Saturday after my friend, Samantha, and I drove to Abilene to get a pedicure. I'm not one to really like the little metal heel scraper they use - so I opted for a glass of wine to get me through it. I'm pretty sure the combination of the wine and the car ride made me a little sick and from then on, all weekend, I had motion sickness. It was the weirdest thing.

I've been sickly (stomach bug stuff) and then cue the weird combo I've had an earache in my right ear. Felt somewhat feverish and can't shake it off. So.. send a masseuse and something to help aid in sleep! Stat! ;) just ready to get over this junk. 

This picture and before you ask, yes that's my beloved Trey in uniform is a little lazy of me. It's with my iPhone and a little blurry. I have a strong dislike for dark pictures but just wanted to show you a little of what I'm doing tonight. Bought the Celestial Sleepy-Time Tea and it came with this lip balm as an addition to the purchase. It's like I don't even need the tea! (but only I really do because I really do need help sleeping lately, guys). I can smell the balm and it's making me plenty sleepy. I'm not sure if that's the goal in their marketing there but truly I've been drinking this tea for years and just the smell of it reminds me of a good sleep. So, I'm ready whenever you are tired, sleepy body. 

I hope everyone is enduring this season of allergies, stomach bugs and flu galore better than I.

Good luck & happy Tuesday!

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