Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Finding motivation.

Once a month my husband goes to protect our border for nine days. In those days, I usually spend time alone, deep cleaning our house in preparation to leave for a few of those days to go home to see my parents. 

This is the third month we've been moved away from our family and while I wouldn't consider it hard, I do consider it a big change. I had a pretty good routine back home and I am desperate to find the same routine here. I'm not one to stick to a schedule. To tell you the truth, most days I can barely stick to the same kind of coffee creamer. But there's something peaceful about knowing what you might or might not do for the day, some kind of consistency to hold on to. I haven't quite found that, yet. 

I've heard there's a sweetness in doing nothing. Well, I've been doing nothing for about two months (I say nothing lightly because I've become incredibly in-touch with the Mr. Clean version of myself) and to tell you the truth, it's almost as exhausting as an 8-5 job behind a desk. While that's a bit more mundane that I'd like everyday, it's some consistency. And I truly miss that. 

Another day might go where the laundry isn't finished, I haven't folded the towels, I haven't mopped, haven't cleaned off the kitchen table and haven't swept the front porch.. another day, maybe. 

Here's to finding motivation in my cozy, little home. 

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