Friday, August 14, 2015

A day with Holly.

Holly's find from Vickie's Gifts

A few weeks ago Holly came to visit me in my little ole West Texas town. I took her around which took all of about 13 minutes - this included our extravagant trip to the Post Office - and then stopped at a place called Vickie's Gifts, a little shop only a block away from my home. 

Let me start by saying nearly everything in our town is just within walking distance. If I wasn't afraid I'd die of heatstroke or worse in this Texas heat, I would walk to get the mail every day. The truth is, I walked out the other day in a cotton dress, similar to this one that has shorter sleeves, and shook my head as I marched right to my car with mail in hand. I couldn't even last a few seconds it was so bad. Normally I'm not this high maintenance but when the weather is so bad you can't even breathe.. I think taking the car and being a bit of a diva is A-OK. 

Before Holly left, we also stopped by a thrift shop I had yet to visit. As soon as we walked in, she spotted this table for outside of her front door. The lady drove a hard bargain saying the table was only $10 (!!!!) and that last week she had a 20% off sale, but that she would still honor it this week for us. The people in my town are too kind. 

Holly basically came for the usual, gabbing on my couches over coffee. I missed this girl. I wish she could come visit me every day.. or at least once a week ;)

Thanks for coming, HL. Miss you already!

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