Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"If I can finally get _____, then I'll finally start _____"

Is anyone else guilty of this? I always tell myself, just get this.. it'll make you want to do what you need to and it's totally not true. HOW do we talk ourselves in or out of things and make such unrealistic excuses? I feel like lately I've been trying to force something for this little blog of mine. I sure do love it, so to make it something it's not makes me a little bit sad. Okay, a lotta bit. Everyday I'm thinking, what can I share? What can I tell someone, somewhere to make them laugh, spread some joy or somehow make an impact?

I know a lot of what I talk about is like Trey, my niece and mostly my love of good food. But maybe one day when you come it'll make you want to jump up and try the pie I just made. Or make you want to love your husband/wife fiercely, all over again. Or maybe, just maybe you'll want to come join me and have tea and play with baby dolls with my niece. I always hope it gives a little bit of hope, like a lot of other blogs I read. 

I love coming here in the hopes of making new friends and sharing with you how insane I sometimes think it is that I'm this blessed. I realize that God said He would do it, but then to just always have the God that makes it happen? Insane. My life isn't perfect and I will never pretend it is but I am sure of one thing: Here you won't find rant posts, you won't get a negative vibe (I surely hope!) and here you should leave with some comfort that I go through things and struggle like every other human being, I feel like if I can spread love-joy-peace-anythingfrom1stCorinthians, I surely will try. Here you can find that. 

So, I've finally gotten all of the things I've ever asked for, for my blog. And I promise to use all of the tools I have to make this place one of the places you find peace and hope. :)

Happy almost Christmas!! 

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