Tuesday, October 21, 2014

As of late..

Lately I've been in this funk and out of my normal routine. 

Here's a few things I'm a little sad about:

Have went to the gym like once in the last week. 
Haven't baked. 
Haven't taken the pup for a walk. 
Haven't ridden my bike. 
Haven't been taking pictures. 
Haven't went on a trip for no reason.
Haven't spent time with my parents. 
Haven't had regular coffee (vanilla lattes, you are killing me softly).
Haven't straightened my hair. 
Oh, no wait. Not really all that sad about that one. 
Haven't spent time with Mamie. 
Haven't spent time in my pretty backyard. 
Taken by Jo when she lived in our house.
A few happy things:

Spending more time with Trey. 
Fall everything. 
Bev's homemade everything. 
Grey's Anatomy on lunch breaks.
(we've been watching Revenge with Bev). 
My momma's necklace I've been wearing.
My new Gap flats even though they're killing my feet. 
My bangs. 
Carpooling with Trey, even though this happened. 
Chris & Amy finally getting married this coming Saturday. 
The phases ending and less stress because of it.. waiting for YOU, January.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life! But just waiting for all of the good things to line up and happen. Or maybe I'll just make them? 

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