Sunday, July 28, 2013

The white house with the pretty pink flowers.

This weekend was one gigantic blur. I remember Friday I was chompin at the bit to get out of work and now here I am Sunday night gathering my Monday morning work thoughts.

Oh, Monday. How do you creep up on me so swiftly? 

Aside from the blur of the weekend -- I'm excited to show you a place I encountered over my short trip out of town. This is John's Java House: 

 I just love outside seating. 


And suddenly bravery swept over me and I just had to go inside and ask if they didn't mind me taking pictures of their sweet, little coffee shop. And you know what? John himself didn't even mind :) 

This very table is what made the whole experience worth it.

I didn't actually have time to buy anything -- which made me kind of sad -- but next time I visit Copperas Cove, that's where you'll find me.

In the midst of a crazy weekend, even better than finding an adorable coffee shop -- I saw the best thing ever. 

-- a pretty white house with pink flowers right next to it. Don't worry, I didn't just pull into a strangers yard and snap a picture of their house -- this is the Driskill house. I fell in love with all of that pink next to the white. It just made my heart slightly happier than usual. 

I hope this weekend was 'white house/pink flowers' happy for you 



  1. This is such a cute coffee house. There are plenty of happy things around. I am guilty of not looking for them unless I have a camera in hand. I must change this about myself. Also, I need to be aware of those happy moments that can't be photographed/seen. Thanks for spreading your joy!

    1. That is definitely one of the joys in this blog, for me personally -- the opportunity to see what someone else sees when they look at the very same pictures that I do. Sometimes, I am equally guilty of the same ^^ gives room for perspective, though. Thank you for your response -- it's always appreciated :)