Monday, January 21, 2013

Other Encouraging Blogs

Happy Monday, all!

It's about 15 more minutes before I'm off of work today (woot!) and I wanted to share with you a couple of blogs of which I follow religiously and can't get enough of! - Candace Cameron Bure (Yes, DJ Tanner from Full House) - Bethany Joy Lenz (Yes, Haley James Scott from One Tree Hill)

Though they are all fantastic blogs, each are unique in their own way. Roo Mag is great because Mrs. Bure is a Christian motivational speaker who speaks the TRUTH! Jesus is the way, y'all. Aside from Christianity, Candace blogs about yummy recipes and life in general. What woman couldn't gain something from that?

Bethany Joy is hands down my favorite blogger. She is so well-rounded. She talks about a variety of things - has daily named blogs such as: Music Monday, Wardrobe Wednesday (my favorite!), Three Cool Things Thursday, and 20 Questions on Friday! You can also find Joy on Twitter and Instagram and you will NEVER be disappointed!

Catherine from RFFMBT is a blogger from California. One morning I was trying to find good vegetarian recipes (not vegetarian guys, but I do love the recipes!) and found her on google. She is awesome and I adore her site! She is such an encourager. She's very real, very down to Earth (yes, you can tell all of this by reading her blog) and she is so cute makes ya just want to be her friend!

Hope these blogs help in some way or can just be something fun to read/look through other than Facebook and Twitter!

Have the greatest Monday ever!

: )

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